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Representative Verdicts And Settlements

$24 million verdict in a railroad crossing wrongful death case involving the death of four young adults between the ages of 20 and 17. $6 million was awarded for each family who lost a child. $4.2 million in sanctions against the BNSF Railroad was added after trial.

$1.75 million settlement in a trucking accident wrongful death case. A truck driver slid across a wet and icy road and drove over the car of a 57-year-old woman who had moved to the shoulder to avoid the impact. She was killed, leaving a husband, mother and four young adult sons. Through discovery in the litigation, multiple violations of trucking regulations and standards by the driver and trucking company were identified. The State Patrol reconstruction and an independent reconstruction expert demonstrated that the truck was driving too fast for the conditions. The settlement was reached three days before trial.

$1.55 million settlement of a motorcycle accident case involving very serious injuries to the leg of the motorcycle rider.

$1,075,000 settlement for the wrongful death and injury claim of a husband and family of a woman passenger in a car struck by a young man on methamphetamine. A declaratory judgment action was started to compel an insurance company to apply an umbrella policy after it denied coverage. Summary judgment was granted for the $1 million umbrella coverage and the case was settled after two mediations.

$1 million settlement of a serious burn case from a flash bang grenade during a raid by a Minneapolis Police Swat team. The police exceeded the authority given in the warrant and failed to follow proper procedure regarding the use of the flash bang grenade.

$2.1 million medical malpractice verdict against the Mayo Clinic involving neurosurgical malpractice that rendered a woman a triplegic.

$957,000 verdict in an intersectional accident with a county garbage truck that illegally entered the intersection. Plaintiff had multiple orthopedic injuries including the fusion of four lumbar vertebrae and a femur fracture resulting in a leg length discrepancy.