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A Reputation For Skilled Representation

Finn Shapiro LLC is a civil trial firm that handles personal injury, product liability and property claims. With a reputation for skilled legal advocacy, compassionate guidance and successful verdicts, we were named one of the Best Law Firms in Minneapolis by U.S. News & World Report. Our firm is also supported by a diligent and knowledgeable staff

$1,000,000 Verdicts

We have won several settlements worth over $1 million dollars and are proud to have found justice for clients in trucking accidents, railroad accidents, motorcycle accidents and a variety of other cases in which serious injury or death occurred.

For a lawyer who works hard to maximize the compensation for every client and who treats every case with individualized care, call Finn Shapiro LLC today.

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Helping Clients Who Need Us

Mr. Shapiro is passionate about helping clients find a way forward after devastating injuries or accidents seriously impact their lives. He has helped clients fight for justice in a wide variety of cases, including:

Successfully Defending A Variety Of Cases

Finn Shapiro LLC also handles select defense cases. Allan F. Shapiro has defended personal injury claims for large national trucking and school bus company for 30 years. The trucking and school bus business has presented Mr. Shapiro with a wide variety of claims, ranging from wrongful death and significant injury claims to the arbitration of no-fault claims. In addition, Mr. Shapiro has defended cases for several self-insured companies and a self-administered adjusting firm handling defense and subrogation of boat and motorcycle cases. At Finn Shapiro LLC, we find that representing both plaintiffs and defendants provides a greater understanding of what the other side is doing and thinking.

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Located in St. Louis Park, our firm is dedicated to serving the wider Twin Cities and Minnesota area. We’re committed to advocating for the best outcome possible for all of our clients and work hard to understand their needs and concerns. To speak with the attorney at Finn Shapiro LLC today, call 612-217-4966 or send us an email to schedule your first appointment.