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Minnesota Car and Motorcycle Accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2014 | Auto Accidents |

A driver’s negligence can cost injured victims their livelihood and profoundly interfere with their way of life. At Finn Shapiro, LLC, we work with injured people and their families to help them secure the compensation they need in order to move on with their lives.

If you’ve been injured while driving or riding in a car, the attorneys at Finn Shapiro, LLC will handle all communication with the insurance company for any at-fault driver or vehicle owner. If a lawsuit is necessary, we will guide you and your family through the process and fight aggressively on your behalf until a fair settlement or verdict can be achieved. Meanwhile, we’ll work with your own insurance company to ensure that Minnesota No-Fault benefits covering medical care, wage loss and other expenses are fully and promptly paid.

If you’ve been injured while riding a motorcycle, you may face an extra challenge. Often, motorcyclists are perceived as careless, regardless of what actually occurred. This stereotype can complicate your case, as many insurance companies will go out of their way to place fault on any motorcyclist involved in an accident. At Finn Shapiro, LLC, we understand the bias against motorcyclists and we will fight aggressively to overcome it, so that your compensation is fairly determined based upon the facts of your case.

At Finn Shapiro, LLC, our fees for handling automobile and motorcycle accidents are contingent. That means that our fee is determined by a percentage of what you recover. If you do not receive compensation, you owe no attorney’s fees to us.