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The most common train accidents include collisions with other trains, collisions with passenger vehicles, and single train incidents.These accidents may be caused by improperly maintained tracks, derailment, mechanical failure, or human error. Absent or inadequate warnings at railroad crossings can also contribute to collisions. Train accidents can be the immediate cause of catastrophic injury; such accidents can also result in discharge of hazardous materials into the environment, which can separately result in injury.

The law governing train accidents can be complicated. It is important to retain an attorney who is prepared to fully investigate and determine liability. After an accident has occurred, the attorneys at Finn Shapiro, LLC will work quickly to preserve the wreckage, interview witnesses, evaluate liability, identify jurisdictional issues, and protect your rights during interviews with authorities and insurance representatives. Prompt retention of an attorney can be crucial. The later an investigation begins, the harder it can be to locate and preserve the evidence and witnesses needed to reconstruct and prove the facts of the accident.

If you or a family member has been injured or killed in a train accident, contact the attorneys of Finn Shapiro, LLC. We will meet with you and evaluate your case without obligation. Once retained, we can begin the urgent process of investigation.

At Finn Shapiro, LLC, our fees for handling train accidents are contingent. That means that our fee is determined by a percentage of what you recover. If you do not receive compensation, you owe no attorney’s fees to us.