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Finn Shapiro, LLC aggressively pursues subrogation rights, which are traditionally neglected and under-utilized. We understand that implementation of an effective subrogation program represents a valuable step along the path toward maximizing profit. As a practical matter, failure to recognize third party liability and take advantage of all available subrogation rights is the same as paying a claim twice. At Finn Shapiro, LLC, we recognize that subrogation rights are vital to the financial health of our institutional clients. Use of staff or full-time defense counsel in subrogation cases may produce results that are less than optimal, given the natural tendency of such counsel to harbor a defense perspective.  The attorneys at Finn Shapiro, LLC can promise prompt recognition and action on your subrogation rights. We will act quickly and efficiently to help you gather the information necessary to secure your right to recovery in the critical days following a significant loss or claim. Then we will take swift action on your behalf in order to recover payment from the ultimately liable party.

Our services are available in subrogation cases on either an hourly or a contingent fee basis, depending on the nature of the case. Expenses can usually be kept to a minimum. If you deal with subrogation rights, contact the attorneys at Finn Shapiro, LLC to explore the possibility of a relationship.